Hacking like it’s Nineteen Ninety Nine (SF Disrupt Hackathon 2013)

Crunchbase Data Visualization You can see the final product here

After 16 or so hours of furious hacking, I put down a solid solo effort.

Learning quite a few new pieces of technology including GraphDB (Neo4J), and gexf format, with sigma.js managed to come up with something I think is pretty cool.

People remarked it looked like a Jackson Pollock painting, which is cool, because without a way to search or highlight a single node, it’s pretty useless 🙂

Github link


Lil’ Weekend Hack – Free the Commerce

Struck by the fact that everyone wanted somewhere between 25$ on the low end and 79$ on the high end just to connect one open source system to another, I wasn’t in the mood to pay and I had some free time so I give back to the community a nice free WooCommerce to Stripe Payment Gateway integration.

Striper on Github

Edit: It’s a pain to upload to two systems, so the most current version is going to be on wordpress.

Striper on WordPress

Anyone is interested in kicking it forward, maybe adding some subscriptions fork it and that would be the bomb. Otherwise it’s pretty ready to go, check it out.


Orange is the new Black, so maybe. In the process of building something I thought people might like I built a extension for the WordPress / WooCommerce platform to work with the company EasyPost, they’re an awesome, Y-Combinator graduate company for shipping labels etc. But I digress, so I’m thinking that there may be a market for this product as people seem to be okay with paying for things that make their life easier in this system, most payment gateways cost between 50$ and 100$.

I navigated over to the developers of the Open Source shopping cart WooThemes to be hit with the biggest slap in the face I’ve seen lately.

Sell your extensions with us and earn 50% commission!

Wow, so for the pleasure of having my product listed on your site, which undoubtedly since you wrote the thing would be the most obvious sale, but unlike the Apple Store or Google Play is not actually necessary, I can sell this myself anywhere I want, you think that is worth 50% of the sale? Not only that but you call it commission? Commission to me seems the exact opposite, it’s the bonus paid to the salesperson who facilitated the sale. So a more correct way of writing this might be,

Sell your extensions with us and pay a low 50% commission

I’m not sure what Auto Salespersons earn in commision but I’m willing to bet it’s a whole lot lower than that.

Automated Clearing House Foreclosed

So everyone including myself loves all the new online money transfer alternatives. I for one, have used the Random site Venmo. Does what you’d expect, transfers money, for free. There’s also Dwolla and probably several others I haven’t heard of. The general problem with these is that both parties have to sign up and play by their rules.

I personally, all things being equal love to just use the ACH feature of my Credit Union, just send me the Routing Number or Account Number, and if I have a check from you I have those already. Ever wonder what the digit spam is on the bottom of paper checks.

Now though, I feel like my bank is the last bastion of these as services seem to be a dying breed. What’s replacing them is this offshoot of what I’d deem “Digital Western Unions”, for example Bank of the West’s company they are partnering with PopMoney, sure the fees are pretty low but it looks an aweful lot like Paypal and lock-in. Is this where we’re going, back to PayPal? I for one, refuse.

Paper checks seem so antiquated, but if banks intend on forcing fees to transfer money, what are smart consumers to do?