Orange is the new Black, so maybe. In the process of building something I thought people might like I built a extension for the WordPress / WooCommerce platform to work with the company EasyPost, they’re an awesome, Y-Combinator graduate company for shipping labels etc. But I digress, so I’m thinking that there may be a market for this product as people seem to be okay with paying for things that make their life easier in this system, most payment gateways cost between 50$ and 100$.

I navigated over to the developers of the Open Source shopping cart WooThemes to be hit with the biggest slap in the face I’ve seen lately.

Sell your extensions with us and earn 50% commission!

Wow, so for the pleasure of having my product listed on your site, which undoubtedly since you wrote the thing would be the most obvious sale, but unlike the Apple Store or Google Play is not actually necessary, I can sell this myself anywhere I want, you think that is worth 50% of the sale? Not only that but you call it commission? Commission to me seems the exact opposite, it’s the bonus paid to the salesperson who facilitated the sale. So a more correct way of writing this might be,

Sell your extensions with us and pay a low 50% commission

I’m not sure what Auto Salespersons earn in commision but I’m willing to bet it’s a whole lot lower than that.