Leadership – Building Product Series (Part 6) – Mature Product

This is a great place to be. Make no mistake about it, this whole series could be seen as a type of funnel. And you made it.

At this point, you should have dashboards about how many users you have starting and finishing the process.

You have a product roadmap that goes out likely a year or so, with new features, tech debt to tackle, and resource requirements.

You’ve got revenue projections and margin projections and hopefully you’ll be able to see Month-over-Month and Year-over-Year growth and things are looking bright.

The balance now is how much, and for how long do you want to continue to enhance what you’re built? The excitement about building the thing has long since faded and the daily numbers, while hopefully still growing won’t scratch that same itch. The same is true of your implementation team, they want to build the next new thing.

Hopefully the success of the product you built has caught the attention of persons or industry and the next attempt you make will have not just the internal lessons you took home, but leads your next effort to greater successes.

So there is where the this series ends, much like the Dark Tower series concludes, it ends where is begins, back on the new thing thing that you want to build, and you will climb that hill once again.